- About Me -

Hi! I’m Mike, I am the designer and creator of MQ Woodworking.  I started woodworking about six years ago when I wanted to build a few small signs for my house.  With little woodworking knowledge, I went out and bought a jigsaw and some basic tools.   My only prior woodworking experience was when I was a kid and my grandpa would bring over some wood and nails for me to make ramps for my bike.  Small signs turned into a new computer desk and larger furniture pieces.  With new tools, skills, and knowledge, my friends and family started requesting me to build for them as well.  Today, with a full garage woodshop, I enjoy designing and building a variety of new pieces.

I created MQ Woodworking to bring my passion of woodworking to your home by providing high quality handmade furniture that will last a lifetime. Whether it’s a small rustic flag or a large record cabinet, each piece is built with time and care and at an affordable price.  I’m excited to continue learning new skills and improving my craft.  Thanks for visiting my site and I look forward to creating your next order!

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MQ Woodworking